Pad Printing Services in Canada

What is Pad Printing?

Using a silicon ink pad to transfer etched designs, pad printing is a unique Photogravure printing technique that works on various surfaces. Its true proficiency lies in its capacity to print on oddly shaped and curved items with precision.

Types of pad printing services we offer.

Here is some information about the types of services we provide in pad printing.

  • Single Pad Printing: This service has been found to be the most popular as it involves high-quality printing solutions on different materials including plastics and metals.
  • Multi-color Pad Printing: Another service which is also very popular is multi-color pad printing that gives competitive registration and offers superior color options to enable customers print complex projects that are multi-colored.
  • High-Volume Pad Printing: High-volume pad printing is a perfect service for large projects since it provides efficiency and consistency leading to timely deliveries.
  • Multi-Location Pad Printing: Multi-location pad printing; an advanced service that can accurately print on multiple surfaces at once
pad printing machine

Silicone Pad Printing Services Upgrade Your Product Branding. Logos, artwork and texts are applied with expertise on many materials to give them long-lasting vibrantly polished appearances.

Product Materials We Print On

pad printing on plastic


A versatile­ and ubiquitous material that surrounds us in various forms. ID cards that boldly announce our pre­sence, signs that guide us through labyrinthine­ pathways, and product labels that unlock the vibrant e­ssence of your photos and artwork with the captivating allure­ of metal prints. Embrace the conte­mporary finesse and ele­vate your visual experie­nce to new heights.
pad printing on glass


Glass printing is an absolute game­-changer. It's like art coming to life on a transluce­nt canvas, blending creativity and functionality effortle­ssly. With its unique and captivating qualities, glass printing opens up a world of possibilitie­s for artists and decorators alike.


Arguably one of the best materials for pad printing, ceramics are humble yet elegant,and its beauty shines from its simplicity. It makes for the perfect canvas, with its low and muted color complimenting the bright and bold colors used in pad printing.
pad printing on metal


The sturdiest material of all, metals can be used to make custom signs, art pieces, billboards, you name it. Being so strong, it can effortlessly withstand the process of pad printing, and can come out looking fabulous! e it names, logos, images, or anything your mind can come with, we sure can print it on the object of your choice. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!


Paper is a versatile material for all types of printed media such as flyers, brochures, business cards etc. As it comes in various weights and finishes you may easily choose the right variant for your printing.


Water resistant vinyl used in outdoor banners, stickers, signs etc. The product is highly durable hence sustainable for long-term external applications.


Custom fabric printing provides unique texture to your designs with relief banners, flags or even clothing.

Advantages Of Using Silicone Pad Printing


Silicone pad printing is highly versatile and adaptable to a wide range of surfaces, from flat to curved and textured, making it perfect for branding on various products.


These silicone pads have longevity and do not wear out easily making them ideal for producing consistent prints over an extended period.


This method provides an excellent level of precision ensuring that detailed designs with intricate patterns can be replicated accurately.


Silicone pad printing is a cost-effectual process for producing small or large quantities of items with great quality.

Fast set up

Silicone pad printing requires less time in setting up hence enabling faster production when compared to other printing techniques.

Multi-color designs

Multi Colors are not left behind as this technique makes it possible to reproduce complex and bright images accurately.


Pad Printing Services in Canada

What is Pad Printing?

Using a silicon ink pad to transfer etched designs, pad printing is a unique Photogravure printing technique that works on various surfaces. Its true proficiency lies in its capacity to print on oddly shaped and curved items with precision.


About Custom Pad Printing on Products

Pad printing is commonly used to print on products such as: promotional items, automotive parts, medical equipment, clothing/apparel, and electronic/tech items, to name a few. Pad printing produces a durable, high quality print that is not often achievable with other processes.

The Silicone pads (of which there are many sizes and shapes for a myriad of specific uses) is used to pick the image up from the etched cliché and transfer it to a variety of surfaces, such as spherical, flat, cylindrical, angled sections, textured surfaces, as well as concave, or convex components.

Product Materials We Print On:

plastic product printing on construction hat


glass product printing services


laser marking on metal products


product printing services on a variety of product materials

Other Materials & Surfaces

UV Digital, Laser Marking & Pad Printing Examples

Border Pad & Print has the capability to print on almost all surface shapes and finishes. From painted finishes to stainless steel, flat glass to rounded sports balls, we are equipped and ready for the job. Have a look at some of the work that puts us at the forefront of the industry.

Industry Pad Printing Solutions

Our varied customer base has allowed us continuous growth and success year after year. Today, we are pleased to have active customers from a wide range of industries.

custom printing services for automotive industry car parts


industrial production printing on injection mold products

Injection Molders

printing on cannabis and CBD bottle products


healthcare printing on medical devices


custom printing on glass products for food and beverage industry

Food & Beverage

product decoration on promotional products

Promotional Products

production printing on health and beauty product containers

Health & Beauty

custom printing for a variety of industry products

Other Industries

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