Coated Surface Printing

Printing On Coated Surfaces

Often we are faced with a wide many different types of finishes on the materials we print. We have worked with anodized aluminum on flashlights, painted glass CBD bottles, powder coated dog tags and the list goes on!


Coated Surfaces

When we are faced with different finishes, we prefer to complete testing with different methods of printing. This allows us to determine what is the best printing process for your products. Whether its adhesion issues, finishing requirement or something the end user customer is looking for, we will test and provide samples so the process and job come to completion the best possible way.

Common coated surfaces we print on include:

  • Varnished Baseball Bats
  • Anodized Aluminum Bottle Openers
  • Plastics with UV Coating
  • Powder Coated Drinkware

Product Materials We Print On:




Other Surfaces

Our Work

Border Pad & Print has the capability to print on almost all surface shapes and finishes. From painted finishes to stainless steel, flat glass to rounded sports balls, we are equipped and ready for the job. Have a look at some of the work that puts us at the forefront of the industry.

Industries We Serve

Our varied customer base has allowed us continuous growth and success year after year. Today, we are pleased to have active customers from a wide range of industries.

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