Laser Marking Services in Canada

What is Laser Marking?

Laser marking stands at the forefront of modern printing techniques, offering a non-contact, abrasion-resistant method to etch almost any design onto various materials. Utilizing advanced laser technology, we produce high-resolution markings that are both permanent and precise.

laser marking services

Types of Laser Marking

Laser Engraving

Dive deeper into the material’s surface with laser engraving, creating a visible cavity that reveals a striking, high-contrast image or text. Perfect for industrial labels, personalized gifts, and unique branding opportunities.

Laser Etching

A lighter alternative, laser etching, modifies the material’s surface texture to produce a subtle, elegant mark. This method is excellent for delicate designs and fine detailing, suitable for both business and personal use.

Laser Etching Services

Elevate your project with unparalleled precision.
Our laser marking solutions provide depth, contrast, and permanence. Contact us today to start your custom etching project.

Product Materials We Print On (Materials and surfaces)


A versatile­ and ubiquitous material that surrounds us in various forms. ID cards that boldly announce our presence, signs that guide us through labyrinthine­ pathways, and product labels that unlock the vibrant e­ssence of your photos and artwork. Embrace and ele­vate your visual experience to new heights when printing on Plastics.


Glass printing is an absolute game­-changer. It's like art coming to life on a  transluce­nt canvas, blending creativity and functionality effortle­ssly. With its unique and captivating qualities, glass printing opens up a world of possibilitie­s for artists and decorators alike.


Arguably one of the best materials for pad printing, ceramics are humble yet elegant, and its beauty shines from its simplicity. It makes for the perfect canvas, with its low and muted color complimenting the bright and bold colors used in pad printing.


The sturdiest material of all, metals can be used to make custom signs, art pieces, billboards, you name it. Being so strong, it can effortlessly withstand the pad printing process, and can come out looking fabulous! Be it names, logos, images, or anything your mind can think of, we can print it on the object of your choice. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

So what are you waiting for?

Other materials that can be printed include

Wooden items possess a natural, warm aesthetic that is greatly enhanced by laser marking. Our technology allows for precise and detailed engravings on various types of wood, from hardwoods like oak and maple to softwoods like pine.
Laser marking on paper opens up a realm of creativity and precision that traditional printing methods cannot match. Our technology allows for delicate, detailed work on various types of paper and cardboard, enabling unique invitations, business cards, and packaging designs.
Leather products gain an air of sophistication and uniqueness with laser marking. Our process carefully etches designs onto leather, achieving a range of finishes from subtle shading to deep engraving.


Printing on wood through pad printing is effective, yet it comes with its own set of challenges. Wood substrates frequently lack perfection and consistency, introducing the potential for errors. However, employing appropriate tooling can mitigate these issues, providing the opportunity to produce high-quality finished products. Our expertise extends to printing on various wooden items such as baseball bats, cutting boards, wooden signs, wood displays, and other wooden components.


Paper is a versatile material for all types of printed media including coasters and napkins for the food and beverage industry.  As it comes in various weights and finishes you may easily choose the right variant for your printing.


With leather and leatherette finished products, we frequently advise opting for pad printing as a printing method. Pad Printing is a great choice when it comes to leather, to minimize the potential for harm to the material that may arise from other printing methods. By understanding the specifics of your project, Border Pad & Print can suggest the most suitable printing or decorating technique for optimal results.


Custom fabric printing provides a unique texture to your designs. Pad printing on fabric apparel is a widely embraced application for both small and large brands. This method offers several advantages, including instant drying of the ink without the necessity for additional drying time, and is recognized as a more sustainable practice overall.

Advantages Of Using Laser Marking



Suitable for handling diverse materials like wood, glass, metal, and ceramics, enabling innovative printing solutions for various industries.



Prints are resistant to heat, chemicals, scratches, abrasions, and environmental factors, ensuring longevity.



This method provides an excellent level of precision ensuring that detailed designs with intricate patterns can be replicated accurately.

cost effective printing


Produces minimal waste and requires no chemicals, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices.

fast set up

Non-Contact Process

Only the laser beam touches the material being etched, ensuring minimal risk of material damage or deformation.

multi color designs


It can be more cost-effective than traditional methods due to its low maintenance requirements and the absence of consumables

How do we work?

Design to print


Make creative layouts and visuals that will make printing your project attractive. Our graphic artists can help in your design process.

file preparation for printing

File Preparation

Check that you have formatted files correctly and in good resolution for high-quality printing.

Material selection for printing

Material Selection

Texture, durability, and consideration of choice in materials for your project.

Color Matching

Colour Matching

Have accurate management of color to ensure the most vibrant and true prints. We will provide full PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM (PMS) Color matching for your project.

Printing Process

Printing Process

Choose which printing method is best suited to you. Ask us, we can help!

proofing in printing


We will provide a comprehensive proof or sample print so as to ascertain if there are any errors or need for adjustments.

Quantity and Size

Quantity & Size

Enquire the size and quantity of the items required.

finishing touches in printing

Finishing Touches

Add coatings, packaging, or any other customizations to your project.



Get reliable options for shipping or pickup so your printed materials reach you on time.

quality control

Quality Control

Ensure that the final prints meet your standards.

Why Choose Our Laser Etching Solutions?

clarity and sharpness

Clarity and Sharpness

Why? Because we care! We want to ensure your product has clear sharp images by using our accurate and precise laser etching services.

precision and versatility

Precision and Versatility

Our laser etching services are very accurate, allowing us to create difficult designs or show tiny details at a high level of realism.

durable and vibrant

Durable and Vibrant Results

We employ top-quality inks that guarantee long-lasting appeal and legibility of your printed images or text.

quick turn around time

Quick Turnaround Times

Through efficient production procedures and a skilled group of staff members, we understand the importance of meeting tight deadlines.

customization and branding

Customization and Branding

For all types of laser etching jobs, our service is capable of customization. Whether you need logos, artwork, or serial numbers we can change our packaging to meet your branding requirements.

cost effective solutions

Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer affordable solutions for branding through laser etching thus ensuring even small businesses can benefit from high-quality customization.

Our Finished Laser Marking Products

Custom Awards
Elevate the prestige of awards and trophies with our laser etching services. Each piece becomes a testament to excellence, featuring unparalleled detail.
Personalized Accessoriess
Transform ordinary jewelry and accessories into extraordinary treasures. Our laser etching adds a personal touch to rings, bracelets, watches, and more.
Corporate Gifts
Make a lasting impression on clients, employees, and partners with custom-etched corporate gifts and merchandise. From elegant pens and keychains to sophisticated office accessories.
Other Products
Here at Border Pad & Print, we can print on a multitude of items. If you have an item in mind that you would like printed, then what are you waiting for? Send it over!

Pad-Printed Drinkware

Improve your morning routine with our personalized pad-printed drinkware. We have a variety of styles that you can pick and customize with your own text or logo. They are not only coffee-sipping tools but also a statement of your style!

Pad Printing on Ping Pong Balls

Watching a plain white ball go back and forth can become monotonous. Spice things up by incorporating a logo, design, or brand onto the ball to capture more attention! Custom Ping Pong Balls for the win, bringing excitement to the game!

Pad Printed Pens

 Elevate the prominence of your PENS! A logo on your pen can convey a powerful message. Enhance your pens with a single or multi-colored design on the side using pad printing. After all, how else will you remember where you picked up that pen?

Other Products

Here at Border Pad & Print, we have the ability to print on a multitude of items. If you have an item in mind that you would like printed, then what are you waiting for? Send it over!

Laser Etching Services

Transform your ideas into reality.

Discover the elegance and precision of laser etching with our expert team. Reach out to us now to explore how we can elevate your project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pad-Printing

Laser marking discolors the surface without cutting into it, ideal for barcodes and serial numbers. Laser engraving removes part of the material to create depth, suitable for high-contrast marks. Laser etching melts the material’s surface, producing a raised mark, often used for aesthetic purposes.

Laser etching creates durable marks that can last for many years, depending on the material’s exposure to elements and use. Its longevity is similar to laser engraving, providing a permanent solution.

Laser etching is used for adding detailed graphics, text, and designs to a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and ceramics, popular for decorative purposes, branding, and compliance markings.

Removing laser etching is challenging without altering the material’s surface, as it permanently alters the material. It typically requires significant abrasion or material removal to eliminate the etched design.

Laser etching typically alters the material surface to a depth of about 0.0001 to 0.005 inches, making it shallower than laser engraving but still noticeable to the touch and eye.

Laser marking is done using a focused beam of light to discolor the material surface, creating high-contrast patterns, texts, or images without cutting into the material, often used for serial numbers, QR codes, and logos.

Laser etching offers high precision, capable of creating detailed and intricate designs with accuracy up to the micron level, making it suitable for fine artwork, detailed logos, and small text.

Yes, laser marking can be effectively applied to plastic materials, offering a versatile method for producing durable, precise marks including barcodes, serial numbers, and custom designs on various types of plastics.